In the cloud with Stacksquare

Stacksquare brings your company in the cloud, ensuring you all the security, stability, flexibility of a wide range of services and dedicated assistance. The very core of Stackquare’s offer is virtualization of server, networks and entire data centers via cutting-edge technologies. Stacksquare supplies both standard services such as database, web server and web disk space, and structured web services as well. Stacksquare has an analytic, customized approach, made to measure for each client.


Virtual Servers

The new frontier in web hosting are Virtual Servers. Dedicated and managed, highly reliable and performing – the perfect choice for Small-Medium Enterprises.


Virtual Data Centers

Completely scalable and configurable by the client, they offer a range of computational resources, storage and web infrastructure – completely on demand.


Focus. Analyses. Solutions

Stacksquare’s consulting services offer every client made-to-custom solutions effectively implemented. Stacksquare focuses on your very needs and perspectives, after an in-depth analyses. Over the years, Stacksquare has experimented and adopted the most diverse and innovative technologies on its own and clients’ infrastructures of any dimension and complexity.
Hence, a valuable know-how is today available to you – a competence deriving from advanced technical skills on field, plus a substantial and sound experience on servers, virtualization and related business issues.


Storage & I/O

Consulting services on storage technologies such as DRBD and Ceph, to build data storage that are performing, safe and extendible at personalized costs.


Private Cloud

Professional services to build in-house and to maintain private cloud systems on Cloudstack and Openstack platforms.


Cloud design

Design and implementation of private and public clouds of any complexity level based on Open Source technologies such as Ganeti, Cloudstack, Ceph and DRBD.


Open [source] to success

Stacksquare prefers Open Source technologies – successfully adopted by many international communities. A careful, independent selection and implementation of these solutions year after year has provided Stacksquare with an enterprise-level infrastructure at moderate price and free from proprietary technologies.



The new deal in Stacksquare cloud services: high scalability, advanced features, easier services management by virtue of a friendly user interface.



Ganeti is the first platform adopted by Stacksquare to enter into the cloud in 2007. A platform mainly designed for full-managed or on-premise services, during these years it has proven to be robust enough with very high service level.



Safety, scalability, performance. With Ceph, Stacksquare ensures you a quality storage – no compromises.



Data safety and availability are the heart of any infrastructure: DRBD ensures redundancy to clients’ data.



KVM is a solid technology enabling high-performance virtualization both in Linux and Windows environments.



Virtualization and paravirtualization in an enterprise environment: Xen is a sound choice, with an eye on performance.


Growing people


Bruno Cordioli


Experienced manager with a record of IT management roles in international companies in Italy and abroad. Founder and partner of business initiatives in the digital sector focusing on infrastructures, network complexity and advanced web services like mobile and cloudcomputing.


Gerolamo Valcamonica


IT consultant and developer with a long, documented in-house and freelance experience. Specializing in IT systems, business process management, hosting, virtualized and non-virtualized housing, complex digital services, app development, web and mobile interfaces. Cloudcomputing expert.

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